Sunday, April 25, 2010


No rain that has fallen in months. The Huang He River(also known as the Yellow River) is 3,400 miles long. All of China's economics are sucking up to the Yellow River resources. In 2002, the Chinese government announced a 5 million dollar cleanup plan for the river.


The flooding occurs along the Huang He River (Yellow River). The river is 3,395 miles long and it goes through many major cities and villages. When it floods it kills millions of people, yet, people still go to it to get water.


In 1887, the worst flood occurred in history for the Yellow River(Huang He). Nearly a million people had died. Now it is very polluted, a lot of pollution has occurred in China. There is trash in it and the water is turning bad.


The impact this event has on people is that it has killed millions consistently. The environment has also suffered from this flooding. It floods many places where living creatures also live. It has lowered economics in China because China is doing all that it can to protect the people around it and they try to find a solution to the flooding. The government is trying to fix this problem but noting works.


In the future, the water will keep being used up and the river will become shallow. Therefor, it will decrease economics in China's population. "China's leaders, aware of the peril their country faces, now vow "to build an ecological civilization," setting aside almost 200 billion dollars a year for the environment."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Picture

This river has killed millions just by flooding. People should keep using the water but not too much, so it wont get too shallow. The flooding is a natural hazard because it kills millions and it also causes destruction.